Thursday, September 13, 2012

Time Flies

Wow, is it September already?  I totally got sidetracked through August I guess.  We had tons and tons of people visiting.  So between cleaning and cooking and life, August is gone.  I never knew until I was parent that life goes so quickly.  My mom and dad used to tell me how fast the time was going as I was growing up.  To me, it was turtle slow.  But to them the years seemed to coast and even get confusing as to what happened when.  I'm finally understanding what they meant.  My baby is 4 years old?  My other baby is 15 months?  I'm not quite sure how they grew so quickly, but I also don't remember what life was like without them.

Brody and I have started preschool again this year.  Last year we did 2 or 3 days a week, and this year we are going to increase that to 3 or 4 days a week.  It's really quite easy when you have an easy learner.  He's like a sponge for information.  So since he's really been into dinosaurs, this week we are focusing on that.  I am having to re-program his mind to understanding that God created the world and the dinosaurs, there was no meteor that out of nowhere that made earth.  And there is nothing that evolved or is evolving and the earth is not millions of years old.  Here I thought I was helping him by letting him watch Discovery on Netflix.  So, I'm explaining that what he has learned is actually a's a little difficult, but he's getting it.  Next week we are going to start talking about fall and all the fun stuff that goes with that.  I could spend weeks upon weeks with that.  I love fall.  It's so beautiful. 

Gage on the other hand has decided that he will never walk.  I mean really, he's 15 months old...13 if you count the prematurity, and he just sees no use for it.  Of course he cruises anything he possibly can, but as for letting go, that's not happening.  He has a new fake laugh that is hilarious and loves to kiss and wrestle his brother all the time.  I love that cuddle bug.

Life on the farm has slowed a bit with fall coming.  We are all done inseminating animals and now the bull and the billy's are finishing up their job for the year.  You have never seen them so happy. :)  Bo is still moving the cattle and hasn't started to feed hay just yet.  That is a blessing because of how dry it has been.  It still seems way too early to even think about feeding hay, but that's what lack of rain does to the fields.  It's the cycle of life for a farmer.  There's always the unknown to worry about, but thankfully God is in control. 

And He is more in control than what Bo and I thought as well.  We were kind of on the fence as to if we were going to have another baby.  I was more open to it, but thought I really liked the distance between the boys.  I figured I could probably talk Bo into it in a year or two.  What neither of us planned on was God's plan...haha!  He has a way of saying, "Ummm...remember me, I'm the ultimate planner.  I got it all under control!"  Well, He really surprised us in July when we found out we were going to add another little one to the mix.  I was in total shock and oblivion.  Neither one of us could believe it, but after several tests we decided it was probably true.  Tomorrow is our first ultrasound to see the little peanut.  We will know all the details then.  From what I can calculate I'm about 10 weeks along and due the first weekish of April.  So yeah, surprise!  If you think about it, please pray with us as we are believing that this baby is perfect and will go full-term and that this morning/all day/night sickness will subside soon.  Bo is really tired of frozen pizza and cleaning the house.  :)

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