Friday, July 6, 2012

Faithful Fred

Ya know, I used to think bats were bad.  And I don't mean wooden ones.  I mean little rodent, bug-eating bats that fly around and you are scared may turn on you and "vant to suck your blood!"  We haven't had a mosquito bite in 2 years because last summer and this summer we have had a small bat infestation.  Last year one got in the house and Brody and I (Gage wasn't home yet) took cover under a blanket screaming for our lives.  Bo chased it upstairs and killed it with a broom.  Then proceeded to tell me that he's sure that they are some type of little demon.  And had a terrifying shiver.  It was traumatic for him.  Yet he's not afraid of a coyote????  But all in all, bats are good.  They take care of all our bugs and as long as they are outside I'm cool. 

Well this year, we had faithful Fred.  (See him hanging there)  Fred never leaves.  And I love Fred because he hangs up on top of the house.  His guano (fancy word for bat poo) doesn't get on anything and I feel no danger from him.  He is here every day and has never left us all summer.  But he has some unruly friends who have decided to make their home sweet home right by my door.  It's disturbing...there's guano all over by my door every morning, and little screeching noises every time I open the door to go in or out.  I act like a maniac trying to get in and out of the house every day.  I open the door and yell, "run Brody!"  And I'm always thinking I'm going to be attacked or one will fly in the house and bite us and we will all get rabies.  It's very frightening.  The weird thing is, they will be here for like 3 or 4 days and then they leave for a week and then are back.  So I was trying to think of a really cool story to go with the bats.  Or an amazingly great comparison.  And all I can come up with is that I want to be like Fred.  Sounds a little creepy at first. :)  But he's faithful, steady, not swayed by his friends.  His friends are drifters...when they get what they want, they move on to the next place they can find their sustenance.  Fred just waits it out.  I want that quality.  I want to be unmovable in my faith.  When life gets hard, I want to be unshakable.  I want to believe that no matter what my God is gonna bring me through.  Always has, Always will.  So that may be a stretch...but in your heart...don't you kind of want to be like Fred?  Any other insight anyone has would be greatly appreciated.  Or a verse you want to share?
Where the other bats reside...right by my kitchen door!

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