Monday, August 15, 2016

Test Everything

The past month or so, Bo and I have had a spiritual awakening/revival in our home.  So many things have been revealed to us and it feels like a veil has literally been pulled off of our eyes.   For many years we have believed things because that is what our parents, school, church has taught us and we just never questioned it.  I implore you not to do that anymore.  I urge you to begin to research what you believe IN SCRIPTURE.  God’s word says to test everything against scripture.  Every holiday, every tradition that you think is true, every lie that you have easily bought into because of that’s just the way it’s always been done.  I believe that we are near a time of tribulation that we have never experienced before.  Our world is out of control and continuing to lose its foundation faster than we can keep up with.  Bo and I have never felt an urge so strongly to study and search the scriptures more than ever so that we can teach our children about Truth so that the enemy cannot deceive them like the Bible says so many of the elect will be.  We have been on our knees in prayer and petition to the Lord that He would protect them from the evil one, Satan, and his angels.  That the Lord’s Angels would put a host around our home and property and each of their lives, that His Holy Spirit would fill us each day and we can be the kind of witnesses we need to be to our children and to those we come in contact with.  If you are not in the word like you should be, I pray that this warning causes you to begin to search for Truth and understanding and wisdom for yourselves.  I pray that you begin to become on fire for His ways, His Spirit, His wisdom.  I pray that my generation begins to rise up.  I pray that you do not sit idly anymore.   Do not be lukewarm.  Do not let the enemy deceive you. 

We do not pretend to know it all, there is so much more to understand...but we will continue to search and pray and watch. 
Thank you for your time and ear. 

Love each of you dearly.