Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The God of Miracles

With every faith test, I feel my belief in the God of miracles grows.  He has done things in this short life of mine that cannot be explained.  It is only by the power of God.  It has not only deepened my relationship with Him, but deepened my worship of Him.

A little over 2 months ago, my daughter Arabella, was playing with my oldest son while I was getting ready to kick a ball around at my 4 year old's soccer practice.  One second she was bouncing a basketball, and the next second she was screaming for me.  I ran over and realized her finger was pinched in a basketball bin.  I opened it and I about passed out right there.  Her fingertip literally fell over.  I'm not very good with blood at all, so I screamed for the coach, who happens to be our children's pastor at church and great friend of mine.  He grabbed her and went to find something to wrap it in to contain the bleeding.  The other coach, who happens to also go to my church and is a Kentucky State Policeman and kind of like the Kentucky SWAT version of police, raced to his car and grabbed his EMT bag.  They then jumped in his vehicle, flicked on the lights, and rushed her to the nearest ER.  By the time I got there, they had contacted UK Children's Pediatric ER and were getting ready to transfer her.  She and I rode in an ambulance to get the best care we could have hoped for.  Once at the ER, they surgically reattached her finger and told us that there was a 50/50 chance for the finger to survive.  A week later, we went to her follow-up appointment and realized it was not going to reattach.  The Dr. thought it best to wait it out and use the black finger as a natural bandaid over the raw flesh under the dead finger.  A month later, he was satisfied that it was ready for another surgery.  Before the surgery, we had many people praying and believing that God was doing a miracle.  Every Dr. we talked to just knew they would be doing a skin graft and there would be no nail because she had ripped the nail bed completely out.  30 minutes later, the surgeon came to find us and said all they did was give her a couple stitches at the top of her finger and stitched on a small piece of plastic to the front of the NAIL GROWING IN THE RIGHT PLACE to protect it in case it was brittle.  We went home in awe, wonder and amazement at the goodness of God.

I had to write this, not only as a testimony to look at for myself, but as a testimony to the amazing power of God.  It is clearly His working and His goodness.  God cares about the smallest things...even a tiny little fingernail of a sweet 2 year old baby girl.  He cares about a sad momma's heart.  He cares about every detail of our lives.  Yet, He is so enormous that these huge moments to us are so tiny in comparison to His greatness.  My worship time with Him is so rich right now.  I cannot stop praising Him for what He's done.  I am believing for more miracles and I know that I know that I know NOTHING is impossible for the God of miracles. 

Thank you to so many who prayed for her. 

Some worship songs about miracles

Below are some graphic pictures that may turn your stomach, so be aware!
Children's Pastor's drawing of Bella's finger before surgery.

Going Home
In Ambulance

On her way to second surgery!
2 weeks after second surgery