Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Who will you be?

I've always wondered when I look at my children and their completely different personalities, what they will be when they grow up.  Will they choose you, Lord?  And then a good friend of mine told me that I could pray that the Lord would reveal or give me insight into their lives.  So I began to pray, "Lord, show me what they will be.  Show me how to push and hold back in different areas of their lives so that I can teach them what you would want them to know."  I feel like the Lord has given me bits and pieces and spoken little things to me, and those things I have put in my personal journal so that I can look back and see if I was totally crazy, or if the Lord was speaking.  There's little things about each one that I watch and see their strengths.  If you see those in your kids, encourage those strengths.
I can't help but think that Brody will one day be a pastor or evangelist of some kind.  Even though he tells me he wants to be an engineer and build iron man suits...which is a wonderful thing...his discerning and soft spirit tell me otherwise.  He has no fear of speaking to strangers.  He loves to sing and memorize the Word.  He's a different kind of kid.  Last night while the storms were all around us, he decided we should sing, "I am, holding on to you. I am, holding on to you. In the middle of the storm, I am holding on, I am!"  He sang it for a while and then the storm calmed down.  He praised God and said, "He's listening.  He loves me mom.  He did that for me."  Then after a bit the storms came again, and I could hear him in his room singing that song til he fell asleep.  It made me think of Paul in jail praising the Lord despite his circumstances.
This morning we were talking about families and choices and how every choice we make has a consequence.  Then I sat down to drink my coffee.  Bella was on my lap.  He walks over and lays his hands on her and asks if he can pray.  I said of course.  He prays, "Lord, help Bella to choose you Lord.  Help her to make you her Savior.  Help her to follow you."  By the end, I was bawling.  He looks at me like I'm crazy.  All I can say is, "Thank you buddy."
I don't know what the Lord has for His life.  I don't know who he will be.  But I do know God has a great plan.  And He does for you too.  God can still work and is working and you have the choice to follow and be who He has you to be.
Right now, the Lord has called me to be the mother to 3 littles. To raise them in the best way I can and teach them their schooling.  To show them how to live in a world that doesn't choose Him.  When they are gone, I suppose I shall be asking myself, "What now Lord?  What will you have me to be now?"  And He will again have another plan.  

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