Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Our road here in Kentucky is not what I would call safe or an easy drive.  It's beautiful at times, but mostly curvy, twisted, and downright scary.  I've had it on my heart to write about it for about a month now, but you all know how incredibly busy it is to move a home, let alone with 3 kids, dogs, cats, and a bazillion cows and goats.  So that is why I am finally getting a few minutes while the kids are "resting" to get this out of my head and onto paper before my brain explodes from thinking about it so much.  Keep in mind I'm sleep-deprived and a smidge insane.  :-)

Turning onto Convict Rd (save the jokes, there's nothing I can do about it, it was someone's last name, not a prison community) seems fine and dandy at first.  It is a one-laner.  There's a tree tunnel through most of it.  It looks kind of pretty at first.

That's how I started out my journey of life.  I thought it looked so pretty and easy.  I thought it was safe and gentle...at first.  Then along the way of this road and life for that matter, there are cliffs.  Drop-offs into ravines and rivers that could sweep you away if you're not careful and don't hang on tight.

The past few months have been downright scary.  We were told Arabella will die by the age of 4 if we do not get her this surgery.  Her lungs will be so used up that she won't be able to breathe on her own anymore.  And her heart will have irreversible damage after just one short year. Makes you want to puke...or worse.  I felt like I was driving on Convict Road at night when the moon can't even shine through to help light the way.  I felt like shouting to God, "Are you there!?"  Bo and I were still holding on tight to the wheel of faith, but it felt very lonely.  It felt scary and dark.  There were moments where we'd see little fragments of light shine through where the woods couldn't completely block out the sun.  We'd feel prayers or we'd grab on to the hope of someone's testimony.  But the road seemed so long at times.  It felt like it wouldn't end.  Life's like that.  There are things that we go through that just seem to suffocate us.  But there is light at the end of the tunnel...

Where our property starts...the covering of darkness over convict road ends.  It's like BAM, you start driving up the hill to LIGHT!  Freedom from the claustrophobia of the trees and darkness.  It will end.  Whatever junk you are going through, it will end.  Jesus will help you through even when it feels He won't.  Grab on tight to that wheel!  Do not let go of Him!  And when you get to the top...to the light...there is abundant blessing!  Blessings so thick I cannot even count them all!  And abundant joy! 

This week I'm going to buy a wall decal for my living room that says, "The Lord is the strength of my life..."  It's a Psalm.  It's my life verse now.  There's no way to do it without Him.  He's it.  He's my strength.  I figured out through all the junk life throws at us that I, in my own power, am a huge wimp.  Only is it with the Father's mighty hand, that I have true strength. 

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