Thursday, May 31, 2012

For Good

Romans 8:28 says "We know that all things work together for the good of those who love God-those whom He has called according to His plan."

You've heard this verse.  You've doubted it through a trial.  I've doubted it through a trial.  The anniversary of my biggest trial to date is tomorrow June 1st.  Then proceeded the longest 5 weeks of my life.  Time slowed down almost to a standstill.  Every hour that went by seemed to tick tick tick away. 
It started Friday the 13th of May.  I know, I know, but we aren't superstitious.  I went in for my routine check-up at the doctor for baby number 2.  We then went to McDonald's for lunch, and while sitting there I thought I peed my pants.  Turns out I can hold my bladder, and my water had broken at 29 weeks.  I was rushed to Miami Valley Hospital by ambulance.  That was wild!  They got my labor stopped and then I was stuck on bedrest at the hospital until the baby would come.  Our world was turned upside down.  Brody, who was used to having his mommy at all times, was now with daddy.  And daddy, who was used to having his wife at all times, was now mommy, daddy, auditor, goat herder, and cattle man.  That's a lot of jobs for anyone.  It took a quick toll on him and my mother-n-law showed up to help take the load off during the week, and then my parents would come on the weekends.  It makes me tear up when I think that during those 3 weeks before Gage was born I never went a day without seeing Brody or having a visitor.  I felt very loved.  Thank you friends and family for loving me that much. 

Well, today, one year ago I started having more intense contractions that were far apart.  But about 11 pm that night they were about 3 minutes apart.  Doctor came to check and said, "we need to get her down to the OR."  I had a natural birth, but we were there in case things turned bad for me.  I called Bo and he came immediately.  At 5 am, June 1st, Gage Kenneth Troyer was born.  He came out screaming and we had tears of joy that he was breathing.  He was 31 weeks old and weighed 4 lbs. 4 oz.  He never needed oxygen.  His biggest hurdles were figuring out how to eat without a feeding tube and regulating his body temperature...which he still has difficulties with.  Anyway, 3 weeks went by at a snails pace visiting him twice a day at the hospital.  I couldn't think of anything else when I was at home besides being at the hospital.  And when I was at the hospital I felt guilty that Brody wasn't getting my attention.  Needless to say I was depressed.  Bo and I were both bone tired and cranky.  We would just hold each other and cry.  It was so hard.  But we finally made it to the day we could take him home.  He would have been 34 weeks in my belly.  We went in that morning believing we could take our baby home and were hit by a brick wall.  That night, Gage started having bloody stools, and they immediately did some x-rays to see that his bowels were infected.  He had something called NEC...necrotizing entercolitis.  They proceeded to tell us the horrible odds that almost all babies have to have part of their colons removed...or the 40 percent death rate.  I couldn't let myself go there.  I refused to believe my baby would die.  I had to or else I would have died inside as well. 

They immediately put him on strong meds and he was in the hospital another 2 weeks fighting this infection before we got him home.  He lived and he had no side effects in his bowels!

(Gage's 1st day home)

That was a miracle.  I realize this story is not personal to you.  And it's kind of long, but it is a testimony to our God.  When we thought the worst was happening, God, in His mighty goodness and power, turned it all for good.  Our Gage is a crawling miracle baby.  And tomorrow he turns 1 year old.  He isn't walking like a lot of babies his age, or saying any words.  But that will come in time.  He is living and breathing and we are beyond blessed with this life God has entrusted to us at this time.  Happy Birthday Gage Kenneth Troyer.  You bring us tears of joy!

(new sandbox!!!)

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