Wednesday, June 18, 2014


I've never felt good enough as a mother.  I don't have all these amazing talents that so many other moms have.  I don't do pinterest activities or have much artistic talent that way.  I don't FEEL like I have enough to give to these little treasures God has entrusted to us.  The last time I worked outside the home, was before I had Brody.  And as long as I've been a mom, I've had this chip on my shoulder that there should be something else I should be doing.  I should be selling things on the internet...sewing blankets and clothes...making food for the masses...and don't get me wrong, those are all amazing things!  But I never fit into those categories.  I've always felt under par.  I felt like people have looked at me and thought, "So what do you do?"  And I've felt hurt by those accusations.  I've let myself be run over as "just a stay at home mom."

Today in a video message a dear friend sent to me, I felt true peace and freedom.  I felt the Lord spoke a word over me that just resonated in my heart and literally lifted this huge burden I've placed on myself.  He said, "THIS is what you are to do..."  And I was like what Lord?  What do you mean?  I looked around at these littles running all around me and realized it was the simplest, yet most meaningful answer.  "THIS" was referring to these little people.  I'm to raise them as well as God gives me the grace to raise them and to my best ability.  This is my calling.  Stop trying to add to this task He's set before me.  Stop trying to be something more.  I'm doing enough.  I am enough.  "THIS" is enough.  Its only taken me almost 6 years to hear Him.  Obviously I'm not listening hard enough.  But what joy and freedom I feel today because of His revelation.

Dear Jesus, continue to speak to me, and to the other mamas.  Reveal your plan to us through your Word and your voice.  We want Jesus encounters daily.  We want connection to you daily.  We need more of you Jesus.  Be present in our day to day activities.  Working outside or in the home, be our guide as we guide these little ones.  Thank you for your provision today.

Thanks for letting me share my heart family and friends. :) 

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